What is protocols and its works?


Hey Guys! In this post we are talking about the protocols, work process of protocols, its form, applications, advantages and drawbacks of protocols. Internet are the part of our life at present time we don’t live without internet, sometime I thought that how internet works what is the process of internet that are communicate to each other.

What are protocols-:

Protocols are collections of commands or guidelines which determine how a tip transfer from a community to a network is certainly various. Protocols tend to be communication standard and each host follows in communication time. In computing globes protocols are known as a digital language because without it data isn’t handed over from one to a network this is certainly because various nets do not communicate with each other.

In easy language, we shall observe that a protocol can be a group of criteria which is employed by computers to transmit information across cables or cordless. Now, this pair of criteria is truly hard-coded into each computer in order that whenever one computer system directs information to another, they are both using an approach that is certainly comparable to translating that data. The foremost protocol that is regularly used across the globe is TCP/IP. And this is usually a protocol that has a worldwide set of standards on the path to be properly used for sending information and information. This is a very technical subject that is technically basically you to discover how information is sent across cables in the event that you recognize that TCP/IP is the protocol that is used which will allow.

Basically as two different people use the language to talk with any other, following principles and laws of the language, similarly cyberspace additionally uses protocols for interaction we call this protocol as communication protocols among themselves and. Correspondence protocols follow all principles and regulations for communicating to each and every other and sending the data.

How actually protocol work-:

Protocols determine communication between different types of devices such that mobile, PC, systems and many more, transmit data from one device to another device.

We use the example of the TCP protocol to explain how the Internet Protocol works. When we request a web page on a web browser, we have a little understanding of what protocols work to bring that webpage to us.

We all know that all web pages on the Internet exist on a server and when we invite a webpage from an internet browser, it sends its request to the server. Considering all webpages are written in Hypertext markup language (HTML CODE), that is why the server sends the HTML file of that webpage to the browser. Now internet protocol does its work to bring that file to the user.

In this, the HTTP Protocol works first, because without it, transmitting of any web page is not possible. The second process is the TCP protocol, which makes the connection between the server and the client. When TCP creates a connection, it breaks that HTML file into some packets, which we also call data packets. After this it gives them numbers like – data packet 1, data packet 2, data packet 3 etc. Now the third task is the IP Protocol, it shows the TCP protocol the address of the client where the data has to be sent. TCP sends that HTML file to the destination as soon as the client’s address is found. After that, the data gets assembled and gets back to the client in its original form.

Types of protocols-:


The stand type of TCP is Transmission control protocols. When the sender delivers the message to the receiver then TCP divides the emails in packets, each packet has actually very own number this is certainly serial receiver computer reassemble the packets in keeping with the serial quantity it changes into an information that the consumer can read and comprehend. This is one of the leading protocols which can be important TCP / IP networks. TCP possesses a world that is global of criteria on the way to be utilized for giving information and information.


The stand sort of IP is internet protocols. It’s an addressing protocol. This is a typical Protocol. When a computer links to the internet, it really is an IP address from which we shall get the computer. Its purpose is certainly basic, bringing the location target, and that is also called IP address tracking. TCP and internet protocol address both work together.

Thousands of computers (nodes) are connected to the Internet and unlimited data exchange occurs every day. Proper and universal identification is required to deliver the correct data to the secure right destination. This identification is called an IP address, which is called the unique address of each connected computer. The IP address is divided up into IPv4 or IPv6 standards.


The stand sort of FTP is file transmission protocols. This protocol is used to transfer files from one system to another system. Through this, simple text files from multimedia systems can be uploaded and downloaded easily and fast, the file transfer protocol is most frequently used to upload web pages to web servers so that they can be published through websites. The TCP used by it/ IP protocol makes it possible for data transfer.

PPP – Point to Point Protocol

This protocol is used to transfer multi-protocol data over point-to-point links. That is, you can transfer data of different types of protocols through this protocol.


SNMP is a full form Simple Network Management Protocol. This network is used to organize and control the devices connected to local area networks and also wide area networks.


Protocols are one of the greatest inventions in computer fields as well as science fields because by the help of protocols we transfer the data from one system to another system and it saves time. Protocols are like a communications language for the internet and other systems like a human being communicate to each other by the help of local and regional language so this type of communication is also present on the Internet and each system communicates to different systems by the help of protocols.

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