Upcoming Smartphone Technology and Feature

Upcoming Smartphone Technology and Features

There are many smartphone manufacturers and brand will show their next generation smartphone technology and their feature. This is step forward in next generation to interact with new technology smartphone.Here some phenomenal smartphone concept, which some features in already launched and other will be launch soon.So, what are you waiting for read next to it.

Fingerprint scanner embedded in touch screen.

An in-display fingerprint sensor uses an optical fingerprint sensor to capture fingerprint data. In first Oppo and Snapdragon made a prototype of in-display finger print sensor. They know as Qualcomm Sense.
A fingerprint scanner is a type of electronic security system that uses fingerprints for biometric authentication to grant a user access to information or to approve transactions.

Folding Phone

There are lots of unfolding phone but imagine foldable phone is come in your hand. Yes this concept is come in Smartphone world. Samsung had made its first Galaxy folding phone, which is have amazing features and design.
It’s not done many other Smartphone company will run in race and make it’s foldable phone which is come soon in market and will look soon.

More Punch Holes Less pop-up Camera

Display trends are swiftly changing every year. Here camera has also in punch hole not in pop up.  This camera is looking like punch hole. This is best camera than pop up camera.

High Refresh rate Display

At the present most of smartphones have 60Hz refresh rate display. The term refresh rate, in layman terms, is the count of how many times the screen refreshes its image in one second.
At this time smartphone have 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rate display, which is more relevant for smartphone users. This isnot enough , in future this refresh rate display is have high refresh rate.

Faster Charging

Nowdays every person not have time for take some break and not stay without smartphone. Because of that smartphone technology take one step forward and make faster charging while you are doing other thing.
At this time smartphone charger have more faster, it charger phone in one hours or half hour. In future it is have more faster than now. So stay tune with technology trandes.

Mid-range phones improvements

Nowadays, smartphones have a more expensive and cheaper cost. But looking on the other side many smartphone companies provide more specific features In low budgets. This is benefits for most of the users. The mid-range phone will more improvement in the future and more features included in it. These are nice things provide by smartphone companies.


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