Tips for giving an effective business presentation


When you are giving a presentation in a conference or board or project meeting, you want people to remember how you presented the key points and ideas. You do not want them to remember the slides or the images. A great and impactful slideshow is one that works well in the background while letting you take all the attention.

To make this happen, you need to create a perfect slideshow and combine it with an equally compelling presentation. So, let’s talk about everything that can help you create a powerful slide and present it well. Let’s start learning without further ado.

1. Know your audience and topic


Before you dive into a presentation with templates and practising your opening line, you need to do a bit of research. Whatever you have to talk about-sales or a new product, gather all the information you can about it first. Facts, data, statistics, supporting images, and more. Know all the things you would need or have to speak and plan an order for them. That will make creating your presentation a bit easier.

2. Find the right template

Templates can save us a lot of time, and for those impromptu meetings, they are a life-saver. However, to find the right template, you need to find the right tool for creating your slideshow, like PowerPoint or Canva slideshow making feature. They are the best, free, and easy to use. Also, you have the option to customize any template you select, which is vital because it lets you match the colors you use or the background one with your brand colors.

3. The simpler the slides, the better

Know that no one likes a cluttered slide. It distracts the audience from what you are saying. Also, if the attendees need to jot down something important, all those elements will make it challenging. So, no more than ten words or five bullet points per slide. They are there to help you with the flow and sequence. The main job of convincing, informing, or educating the audience is yours.

4. Make sure your images are of high-quality

You do not want to use an image to support your presentation for it to have no appeal. And that will happen if you pick an image which is cluttered, low in quality or doesn’t match the subject you are covering.

5. Work on your speech


Making the slide is half the presentation presenting is what will make it whole. Thus, before you do that, practice it with, however, little time you have. When you practice, you will realize that what you are saying may not go with the flow of the content, and you may have to change that. Doing that before you are presenting is important.

Also, be your natural self so that people find you approachable and can question or interact you regarding the presentation. Do not come across as distant or swear as that just put off people.

6. Use clean graphs and charts


In a business presentation, using charts and graphs are necessary to show the stats of your product or more. But you want to use neat and clean charts/graphs. Using one with tons of elements or not designing them with precision can lead to dispersing false information, or it may look unappealing.

7. Make smart font decisions


Font and typography do hit the audience in the back of their minds. And they can impact them negatively or positively. Not only unappealing fonts make it hard for the audience to read the content. But it impacts the brand’s image as well. So, always use modern, readable, and professional fonts.

8. Use hand gestures

Do not present the slide by standing still in one place. Move around and use hand gestures. A little moving of hands shows that you are confident and willing to interact with the audience. It makes all the difference, and you should not ignore this tip.

9. Eye contact

Lastly, make eye contact with the audience. They want to listen and interact with you. So, if you are constantly looking down or at the slide, it will not make a great impression.

10. Pay attention to colours

When creating a business presentation, always be extra careful with your colours. They should match your brand colours and the logo. When you incorporate your brand into your presentation, your presentation comes out more efficient.

11. Keep the formatting simple

Having simple and professional formatting for your presentation is the best thing for a business presentation. Ask yourself, do you need to underline a text which you are writing in bold? It does not need another formatting as the bold text is enough to appeal to the audience.

Similarly, try to limit bullet points as I said earlier. You can always avoid using them if they work better in a phrase.

12. Make use of infographics

Infographics are one visual element that can work well within a presentation. When you have to show complex data with images, what better way than using an infographic? It simplifies the information and looks appealing to the eye as well.

13. Use pause for emphasis

When you are presenting at any place, taking a pause is vital. It emphasizes the point that you are trying to make. It gives your audience a moment to soak in the information before you move on to other key takeaways.

14. Be ready for questions

Whether the slide is for increasing sales or launching a new product, there will be questions. So, prepare yourself in advance by learning about the subject a bit more. Try to figure out the questions that they may throw at you, and include them in your slides beforehand only. These tips are simple, efficient, and easy to remember. And honestly, in the back of our mind, we know most of them, we just tend to ignore them when we are rushing to complete a business presentation. But attention to detail and keeping these tips in mind is going to help with a perfect presentation.

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