Thrive Themes Review – Is It Worthy For A Website?
15 Mar, 2021

Conversion Focused Themes & Plugins

Themes & Plugins, built from the ground up to make your entire website convert more of your visitors into subscribers, customers & clients.

Thrive Themes


It has the best sale and landing page builder. To convert your visitors to customers as well subscribers.



Easy to use and everything you want to learn from Thrive Themes Academy.


The price is affordable and purchases an all-in-one box of Thrive Products.


Thrive’s team support is quick and the crew is more knowledgeable and supportive.

conclusion Thrive Themes

Today I’m going to show you all features of Thrive Themes. Thrive Theme is a leading theme designer tool in the WordPress market.

If you want your WordPress to look like a pro site then definitely this article for you. After reading this article I’m sure you can design your WordPress website like a pro.

Thrive Themes comes with dozens of products that are helpful to you as you create your WordPress website.

Attention: Elementor is the king of page builders because it contains 3rd party add-ons and ACF integration. But, still, Thrive Themes in leads. Now, Thrive Themes comes up with its great features and products.

In my opinion, If you are a beginner on WordPress and want to create a conversion optimize page builder then Thrive Themes is the best choice for you.

Thrive Themes – Advantages and Disadvantages

⇒ Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads, Thrive Quiz Builder all products come with A/B testing features.

⇒ Their products blend with each other for great marketing uses cases. They have a platform-based business model.

⇒ All Their products come with one-off price lifetime updates. The cherry on the cake is its pricing is less compared to other page builders.

⇒ All Thrive Themes products build for a great interface as well as engaging designs.

⇒ Thrive Themes products work with all themes

⇒ Thrive Themes have great documentation, support and videos, and many more learning programs. This is an outstanding resource for level up your page-building skills.

⇒ Also, their speed is quite good for implementing new features. Fresh functionality and enhancements are carried out every week or two.

⇒ With a good theme designer, Thrive Themes membership helps you to build every single part of your website quickly. You can customize all aspects that we usually didn’t do with a default WordPress theme.

⇒ All of their products are full of features and features are carefully included in the context of real-life marketing applications.

× There are no payment processor integrations. You need to use an external payment gateway like ThriveCart, SamCart, or SendOwl.

× Not support 3rd party plugins like other competitors.

× Some odd errors that make it a little bit hard to build your page.

Thrive Themes Products Review

Thrive Themes comes with many offers and products for marketers as well as website builders. All products are very conversation-friendly.

Let’s take a dive into Thrive products and analyze how it is worthy of our website.

Thrive Theme Builder

Thrive Theme Builder Feature

Thrive Theme is versatile and easy to use for WordPress to create an awesome website. You can customize all things like header, footer, sidebar, pages, 404 pages, and more.

Thrive theme builder was released with its new features in early September 2020 and doing so much more.

Thrive Themes comes with all customization features, so you don’t want to be stuck for the default element that comes with the WordPress theme. With Thrive Themes you can create the page exactly you want with drag-n-drop features.

Some good things of Thrive Themes:

  • It’s not a plugin, it is a specific theme.
  • The Thrive Architect and other products, the Thrive Theme integrate smoothly.
  • Every aspect and template is responsive on all devices.
  • All aspects are predesigned for each section of the site. It’s easy to build your site if you are not a designer.
  • Pixel perfect site and 100% customizable.
  • There are multiple homepage designs. You can easily customize and get started for your website.

 ShapeShift also comes with Thrive Theme builder as an assistant. This plugin builds pages with maximum performance and compatibility.


You can use different types of templates to the customized the header, footer, pages, etc…


You can add dynamic content to your website with it. Also, it is very useful when you create your blog post.

Thrive Themes is basically good at the marketing side of things. But, when it comes to design and customization, it lags behind. But, this issue is tackled effectively by its theme designer.

Thrive Architect


Thrive Architect is the next-level Page Builder for website builders. If you are aware of Thrive Themes then Thrive Architect is an important part of it. It is known as a Thrive Content Builder.

It is the visual editor in Thrive Themes’ entire suite. You can use it to build sales pages, funnels, landing pages, and more.

Similar to other page builders Thrive Architect is more user-friendly and more important for marketers. It has features like Testimonial, Countdown, timers, etc. It also has Lightbox features that allow you to build popups using just drag-n-drop.

It required a bit of learning with Thrive Architect like other page builders. It’ll be worth it for creating engaging marketing materials and a professional-look website without having any CSS and coding knowledge.

It’s pretty good, right!

Thrive Optimize will help you to run A/B testing with Thrive Architect. Thrive Optimizer is a dedicated plugin with Thrive Architect.


If you think about Thrive Architect is unresponsive with other devices else desktop, so Thrive Architect is responsive to all devices. Their elements will adjust with each other according to device size.


Also, the font size is responsive, so you can’t worry about the responsive layout.

Why I like these plugins is because of their awesome features and responsive layout. For me, the main reason to select Thrive Themes is a responsive layout.

However, Thrive Architect comes with hundreds of responsive layouts and page templates. All templates are well categorized for a better user experience. You can create pages just by drag-n-drop.

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads Feature

Talking about other Thrive products after Thrive Architect, we can say Thrive Leads is the other essential product.

Thrive Leads is the best plugin for email list building quickly. Everything that you want to attract and trigger readers to sign up for your emails, which makes a powerful tool.

It helps you to build a number of newsletters like Optinmonster, Iceram, Ninja Popups, and more. Thrive Leads contain more features than others.

Some awesome features of Thrive Leads:

  • Over 7+ opt-in form types.
  • Delivering e-books or lead magnets is offers an Asset delivery mechanism without using an email autoresponder.
  • Analytics for easy understanding of the conversation of your opt-ins.
  • A/B split testing with features for traffic distribution and automatic winner selection.
  • 35+ products and service(insert affiliate link) integration by Thrive Leads.

It has different types of forms you can use for your lead generation.


There are different types of layouts for popup builders. You can use any of them without any coding.


Thrive leads slow down your page load speed. It’s quite bulky. But no worry. It has indeed features to boost your conversions.

Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder

The online quiz is very trending on social media and on websites. You can use this tactic for your website to lead generation.

Thrive Quiz Builder will help you to create amazing quizzes for your lead generation gamification strategy.


Thrive Quiz Builder helps you to create quizzes for people. It allows you to give generated quizzes to people with different call to action, based on their answers you can create different segments for them and build your list.

It’s great!

This Quiz Builder use for two purposes:

  1. Email list building
  2. Social sharing

The main benefit of this product is to drive massive traffic to your website or blog. Also, build an email list of quality people with all your list-building efforts.

The main benefits of Thrive Quiz Builder:

  1. 4 types of quiz format
  2. A/B splits testing
  3. Analytics
  4. 3 types of quiz templates and questions
  5. Badge editor
  6. Mobile friendly
  7. Question weighing
  8. Quiz dashboard and Dynamic results

Let’s see types of Quiz.


Here is the quiz dashboard.

You can access all your quizzes.

Some amazing quiz templates provided by Thrive Themes.


You can create a stunning quiz for your audience and also for building an email list.

Also, you can analyze all reports of quizzes and dropping out.

Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum is the perfect WordPress scarcity marketing plugin. It is customizable, simple to use which allows you to use scarcity to sell your products.

It has features to show the product offers run down after a specific duration. Compared to another marketing plugin Thrive Ultimatum has better scarcity marketing features.

Thrive Ultimatum

It has a countdown feature called a “Lockdown Feature”.  It helps you to create scarcity marketing campaigns.

If you want to increase your conversion or increase sales through your WordPress website Thrive Ultimatum is the best. It also increases your sale to 10x better.

Some Important points of Thrive Ultimatum:

  • Powerful plugins to increase your conversion and sales.
  • The number of flexible and versatile designs and templates.
  • It offers a range of design states based on the time left on the offer.
  • Exclusively include lockdown features
  • They provide a countdown timer feature that you can embed on your websites.

The countdown timer is customizable and comes with many styling options. It comes with various templates you can use.


It integrates with Thrive Themes very slightly. Also, add more elements related to it for scarcity marketing.

You can use Thrive Ultimatum very easily. Start from here.

Thrive Apprentice

Thrive Aprentice

Thrive apprentice helps you to organize your online courses on your website. If you are selling courses then you should try once.

It organizes your courses easily and displays them on your website. It creates different pages for your course and organises them into modules and chapters.


It allows you to track every form right of your WordPress dashboard to understand your students’ progress.


Thrive Apprentice integrates well with all website plugins well. It also has strong integration with SendOwl to make it much easier to send emails in combination with the course.

Some awesome things about Thrive Apprentice:

  1. It is a very cost-effective solution
  2. Beginner friendly and easy to use
  3. Give full control to create digital course and marketing
  4. There are no transaction fees with course delivery
  5. The user interface is also good

Thrive Optimize

Thrive Optimize

If you want to run A/B testing for your website to optimize your conversion?

Thrive Optimize allows you to A/B test pages on your website so you optimize your conversion rate.

It allows you to drive traffic from your website’s primary page to the secondary page. Simply, you can increase traffic to different pages of your website.

After sent the A/B test on your website:

  • Duplicate your existing page to create alternatives and then make small changes to the campaign.
  • Build a new variant from scratch and improve your test.

Look at the Thrive Optimize dashboard.


You can easily set your A/B test campaign from the dashboard.


Set your goal according to your A/B test planning. Make sure you define your primary goal for conversion.

It takes Thrive Themes directly, enabling you to run complete split-testing and track conversions from your WordPress website right away.

Benefits of Thrive Optimize:

  • You can create unlimited A/B tests
  • Detailed reporting features
  • Track your conversion so you can define which page is better for winning
  • Repeat your test again by changing other elements.
  • This continuous improvement method is crucial for developing landing page templates that convert like crazy on your web.
  • Automatic winning features
  • Easy to integrate with Thrive Leads for email opt-in

Thrive Comments


Comments define how people like your content and engage with them. When readers read your blog post they engage with them through others’ comments. By adding updated and relevant content on your site it helps you to boost your SEO efforts.

Thrive Comments allows you to replace the default comment section of your WordPress website and unlock all features. Such as more capability, upvoting, directly share content, and also opt-in to your email list.


Thrive Comments is the best plugin for the attractive comment section.


Simply, you can set up this plugin as a default comment section from your WordPress dashboard.


Features of Thrive Comments:

  • Upvote and Downvote below a comment.
  • Social login
  • Display offer/massage after comments
  • Dedicated Thrive Comments moderation area
  • Award badges for gamification

Thrive Comments is also a powerful marketing tool. Blog readers post a comment then you can give CTA to share your blog and subscribe to your email newsletters.

Thrive Ovation


If you do not add testimonials to your sales page then maybe your customer will not buy your products or services, Right.

Thrive Ovation is the best plugin to manage testimonials on your page or content. It is a testimonials management plugin that helps you to gather social proof, feedback.

That plays the main role while customers’ prospects for buying something.


Testimonials show your brand credibility, the strength of your brand, reputation, trust flow.

The team behind Thrive Ovation says that using Thrive Ovation as a conversion tool for adding testimonials and feedback on your sale page, landing page, or product page will eliminate all doubts and stress that customers make during product purchasing.

Add testimonials anywhere to your site. Just drag and drop to any section suitable on your site and you have an option to show dynamically.

You can add testimonials from your WordPress website via Social media and forms.

Thrive-Ovation-Review-add auto testimonials

You can also add manually testimonials to the dashboard.

Thrive-Ovation-Review-manually add testimonials

With Thrive Ovation you can:

  • capture, manage and display testimonials on your website.
  • Input testimonial via social media.
  • Add more questions to the feedback form.
  • Use with Thrive Architect.


Support by Thrive Themes is very quick and responsive. Their team gets back to you within 24-48 hours after generating a ticket.

I experience that, I got support mail within 12 hours after I mail them.

You can generate a support ticket from your thrive themes dashboard. The crew member is very knowledgeable and friendly.

They create many videos for solutions to people’s queries. You can find all your problem’s solution. Many people get solutions to their queries from videos.

Once you sign up in the Thrive community, you’ll get all their training video access for a lifetime. Their training videos are very informational and good to understand the thrive features from scratch.

Final Thoughts On Thrive Themes

You also know any single theme doesn’t provide a good and attractive look to your website. After that, you need to install third-party plugins on your website.

Thrive Themes is a complete set that provides you conversion-friendly and great-looking website right inside WordPress.

Thrive Themes has less cost compared to other products like ClickFunnels and all. Their customization and flexibility are great as a part of WordPress products.

It is a perfect suit for landing page for your business and for bloggers.

I hope you found positive thoughts about Thrive Themes.

Share your thought in comments. Suggest me any other resources regarding this guide.


1. Are Thrive Themes Products SEO Compatible?

The simple answer is YES.

All Thrive products are SEO-friendly and compatible with search engines.

2. Does Thrive Themes fit with the email marketing platforms?

Again the answer is YES.

All Thrive products integrate with email marketing platforms. Such as Aweber, MailChimp, ConvertKit, etc…

3. What’s with the pricing? Is it a one-time charge or a monthly fee?

You may purchase the Thrive Suite at a quarterly or annual price.

4. Does Thrive Themes fit for blogs?

The answer is NO.

They only work with self-hosted websites (

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