Search Engine Ranking of a Local Non-Profit Organisation: How to Increase

Search Engine Ranking for Local Organisation



by Vivek Kargathiya



SEO is one of the very few marketing channels that provide direct answers to user queries. Also importance of search engine ranking for local organization.

It is now the primary source of information for numerous doubts and questions. 

For local businesses, the nearby search results are the targeted terms as they drive the local audience to their shops.

You are targeting a very specific audience that wants what you deliver. It is perfect for non-profit marketers as they don’t have to pay a single penny for the promotion. 

In house, SEO is enough to make your local NGO appear on top of the search results.

Here are the top tips and suggestions to help the local non-profit organisations with their SEO campaign.

1. Target Your Best Keyword

target keywords for search engine ranking for local organization

Keywords are the catalyst to your SEO practice. There is no end to the benefit of using the right keyword in the right manner on different platforms. 

They are used everywhere, on social media, web pages, and local listings.

Finding the right keyword is not an easy task during the initial stage. 

You want to target the local audience; therefore, the search area has to be kept small. There is no point in using the countrywide trend to target a specific town.

Another primary concern is the keyword volume to target. 

You cannot compete with the already established site for the heavy volume keywords. 

However, there is a chance of landing on top of the local results with low to medium volume keywords.

Use Local Listings

You can find many local listings on the internet these days, varying from dedicated websites to social media platforms. 

These are the online marketplaces where customer search, review, and share products and services. You can use it to gain a good amount of online audience.

While local listings help create the organization’s presence online, it also increases citation and backlinks. 

Read more about How to create quality backlinks.

Your search engine ranking for local Organization will increase with every citation. In no time, the local search queries will recommend your NGO on the first page of search results.

Create Google My Business Page

google my business for local organization

The benefits of Google My Business Page – It is free and can play a pivotal role in your online presence.

You are leveraging Google’s in-house tool to receive audience based on local queries.

Your business will feature on Google Maps, and there is an increased chance of being listed in the local 3-pack.

You must fill all the details accurately in the right manner.

Post some images of the business and make it look authentic with a description. Some keywords in the description are recommended to increase visibility.

Invest More on Quality Content

The marketing strategies are never complete without content to deliver.

You must invest in quality content as it helps gain user trust and essential ranking points. The content on your website has to be unique, grammatically correct, and helpful.

The social media is an entirely different platform with some similar rules for content publishing.

You should never post the same content on every platform. Each platform is created for a specific type of content and audience, be it Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter.

A good investment includes some quality writers with at least the basic knowledge of SEO. You can take a guaranteed payday loan from the direct lender for the initial set up.

Create Strategy for Online Reviews

Trust is one of the most critical factors driving people to donate to NGOs.

Your good deeds need appreciation on a public platform to create awareness and brand reputation.

Therefore, you must have a review strategy to use the feedback of the benefit of your organisation.

The focus should be on making the process easy for the customers.

You should respond to every review, even the negative ones. They might change after you engage with them and provide a solution.

Follow the Latest Trends

The latest SEO trends are significant to stay a step ahead of the competition. 

Google updates its SEO algorithm and policies now and then. You might have to make some changes to the current strategy to make it compliant with the latest updates. 

Many online blogs offer regular updates and SEO tips to help businesses. You can subscribe to them for a newsletter, or read them in the free time to prevent them from spamming the inbox.

Focus On-Page SEO

The traditional on-page SEO practices are now the standard of SEO measures used in every SEO campaign.

It involves optimising the content and the source code to the best SEO practices. Even the page URL creates an impact on the search engine ranking of the page.

In the end, the tips to increase page ranking are countless on the internet.

It is recommended you use some trusted websites for the relevant information. A more simple solution here is to let the experts manage the SEO, and you focus on more important operations.

Written By Vivek Kargathiya

Written By Vivek Kargathiya

Passionate for SEO. The proven content creator and experienced in SEO. Engineer by qualification turns into a digital marketer.

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