Make Money Online In 3 Genuine Method


by Vivek Kargathiya



Can I earn online? In which ways can we earn online?

Everyone wants to know the answer to these questions.

Many people start searching on the internet on how to make money online and find ways to earn money online. But they do not get genuine ways.

So in this post, we are going to tell you the genuine ways to earn online, by which you can earn online from home. Housewife, the student can earn online using this method and a part-time job is a best and reliable way to earn. Let’s know about these methods make money online the best way to earn money.

Here some genuine method for make money online

1. Sell Products Online For Make Money Online


If you want to earn money by doing a part-time job from home, online selling is the best way for you. In this, you can earn good money by selling any of your products on a website like Amazon, Flipkart.

There are many videos on YouTube on this subject, so that you can know how you can learn online selling.

You can sell your product online on the website given below.

  1. Amazon
  2. Flipkart
  3. Snapdeal
  4. Paytm Mall

2.Giving Online Tuition To A Student for Make Money Online


If you have good knowledge of a subject like English, science math etc. then you can earn good online money by giving online tuition, these are also a reliable way to earn money online.

Today in the age of Covid 19, its usage has increased a lot, people are studying from their home. Government school has also taught online. Therefore, this too can be considered the most genuine way to earn online.

It is necessary to have some qualifications.

  1. Degree as the Subject
  2. Some computer knowledge
  3. Teaching Experience
  4. Handle small child

3. Blogging earn by Ads, Sponsors For Make Money Online


If you want to earn online then you can earn good money from Blogging. Many people are making good money from blogging, you only have to make a blog on the topic of your interest. For this YouTube also has many videos, with the help of which you can learn blogging, money from blogging is earned from Ads and sponsors ads which A genuine way to earn money online.

For blogging, you should have some basic information which is given below.

  1. Custom Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Writing Skills
  5. YouTube Earn by ads sponsor

YouTube is the best way to earn money. Today, because of the Internet being cheaper, people spend more and more time on YouTube, so YouTube is the most reliable way to earn money online.

Like blogging on YouTube too, money is earned from Ads and Sponsor ads. For this, according to your knowledge, you can make good money by making videos and uploading on YouTube, for this you need some Skills which are given below.

  1. You should have some knowledge of any topic
  2. Good Video Editing Skills
  3. Attract people on YouTube
  4. Some of the SEO
  5. Affiliate marketing Product and app

If you do not have any kind of information, then you can earn money by doing some work that can earn money using social media like Facebook, WhatsApp.

For this, you would get a commission to sell their product by becoming an affiliate of some website. You can use these methods to earn online. Below are some Genuine websites from which you can earn money by promoting their links also in mobile.

  1. (all Product refer)
  2.  (many products refer)
  3.  (Clothing refer)
  4. (survey or refer)


In sell product online you have to sell your product, by which you get the selling price of that product, in online tuitor also you are giving your service, you also get money for service, youtube and blogging, you advertise in your article and video. There are shows, which you get money from adsense, in the end, in affiliate you are commissioned on the sale of every product which depends on your audience, so you can use these methods to earn money online.

All of the above methods can earn good money, yes some term & condition has to be fulfilled. But once you fulfil all their term conditions, then real money can be earned online in these ways.

Written By Vivek Kargathiya

Written By Vivek Kargathiya

Passionate for SEO. The proven content creator and experienced in SEO. Engineer by qualification turns into a digital marketer.

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