How To Start Blogging From Scratch in 2021: The Definitive Guide


by Aditya Pathak



{7 Important Steps} Follow Below steps cut-to-cut

Have you thought about how to start blogging from scratch?

You are on the right way. Many people have thought about blogging, and they start from scratch.

I also made a decision one year ago, but I don’t know how to start. After that, I started reading many articles and YouTube videos. During that time, I read a good article by How to start blogging from scratch?

That article changed my thought, and I got more attraction towards blogging.

Reason for Blogging:

      ⇒ Passive Income

      ⇒ Passion in writing

      ⇒ Spread our knowledge

      ⇒ Be a memorable brand

      ⇒ Frustrated from 9-5 job

      And many more….

Here, I taught you How to start a blog and make money.

I share some proven method and my experience in this article, and I’m sure you will in detail information about How to start blogging from scratch.

Let’s start.

Before moving forward, all guidance is special for beginners. See, blogging is not as complicated as people say. Just make passions, and you get the massive result as I get.

1. Choose The Best Topic For Blog

Choose The Best Topic how to start blogging from scratch

Not as hard as you think. Find your blog niche or topic that you are going about. This is the most important part of How to Start blogging.

Many people are trying to pick multi-niche, and they don’t get success. Pick a single niche for your blog it’s an increase your success chances in 2020.

Even Google also somehow hates to a multi-niche website and not provide a ranking.

Pick those niche which you have an interest and easy to write and share with people.

Look at some successful blogger:

ShoutMeLoud:- Harsh Agrawal is the Founder of ShoutMeLoud. Where he shares blogging tips and guidance. He makes good passive income through blogging.

Digital Inspiration: Amit Agrawal is another blogger and Founder of labnol. He shares all technology-related articles and makes huge revenue.

That’s not enough; many other bloggers are there who make good passive income and doing full-time blogging.

So, you got the point. You need to find a single and profitable niche for your blog.

I can help you to How to find a blogging niche?

  • Find in you and your interest. Try to think which topic is more relevant to you, and you can better write about it.
  • Find that topic which you can write up a unique article, that no one written better than you.
  • Also, focus on the profitability of your niche. See that your niche has an affiliate program, you can make money from it, keyword searching and competition. This small thing boosts your niche profitability.
  • Start with pen – paper or notepad and write down your thought about multiple topics. See how long the article you can write up on which topic. The longest article in your niche.

Make sure your niche covers all the above points. I take almost two days to decide my niche. After decided your niche doesn’t change it, just stick on it.

Suggestion: If you think How to start blogging from scratch in Digital Marketing then visit Top 100 Digital Marketing Blogs 

2. Pick a Domain For Your Blog

pick a domain for your blog how to start blogging from scratch

The domain name is very important for your website or blog. It’s like your brand name.

If you had already decided your good domain name. But, if you don’t till now keep in mind following things.

    • Your domain name is easy to remember
    • Short and sweet
    • Use your main keyword (cover your niche)
    • Top-level domain like .com
    • Easy to type and brandable

If there is still some confusion to decide the domain name you can use LeanDomainSearch or NameMesh tools.

When I started my blogging I was a little bit confused about choosing the domain. I had 15 suggestion and pick the best domain

Lots of domain names are surrounding your creative mind but no idea which is better. No worry I suggest LeanDomainSearch for the best domain name picker.

Lean Domain Search

From you can select and purchase your awesome domain name.

Many platforms are there for domain name purchasing, but I recommend Namecheap for domain purchasing.

Namecheap is very less cost with HTTPS and TopLevelDomain.

Next step after purchasing a domain is to buy the best hosting. Let’s dive in the next step.

3. Pick a Good Web Hosting For Your Blog

Good blog or website needs better web-hosting.

If you don’t know about the web-hosting, let me explain a little bit below:

Hosting is a space where your website data is store. Hosting is a space of cloud server. The better your server, the faster the website.

Good hosting means,

  • HTTPS://
  • WWW
  • Yourdigibuddy
  • .com (Top Level Domain)

The company provide hosting to you is called Hosting provider. Who cares about your data and don’t miss use it.

Now, you need to think which hosting provider is the best for your blog, right.

According to me and many experts recommend SiteGround. SiteGround is the best hosting for new babies.

Grab 75% off On SiteGround

What’re the main reasons for selecting SiteGround Hosting

  • Unlimited website host
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • 24×7 support
  • Free SSL
  • – 25,000 visits monthly (enough for beginners)
  • 20GB Webspace
  • Daily backups
  • Unlimited Database
  • Easy WordPress installation
  • Free WP migrator

You don’t trust me, see testimonials by experts

Syed Balkhi
Syed BalkhiWP Begineer

SiteGround is one of the most popular and highest-rated hosting providers in the WordPress community. They provide unique in-house WordPress speed and security solutions to make your site as fast and secure as possible.





Brad Smith
Brad Smith HostingFacts

SiteGround has delivered reliable uptime for a few years now. And their uptime guarantee makes sure that you’ll probably never have any significant downtime issues.




Now, the choice is yours. See the expert review and choose Siteground hosting.

Now, I will guide you on how to purchase the hosting from Siteground

Simply follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Click on this link for purchasing SiteGround Hosting to begin your blog

Choose a plan according to you and affordable

siteground hosting plan

I highly recommend go with Startup plan for one website and for more than one website purchase GrowBig plan.

Get 70% off on GrowBig Plan

2. Put Your Selected Domain

If you still not have Domain then register a New Domain from Namecheap.

3. Fill Your Information Which Required

Fill the all required field with correct details. Make sure your email and password are correct because it required all time when you are logged in.

Fill all the payment details correct.

4. Fill Your Payment Details


Feel free to fill because it’s secure.

5. Confirm the Terms & Conditions

It’s required to confirm the terms and condition in all case.


After that, hit the pay now button and wait for a few second for the process.

Check your mail for payment details and hosting details.

Now, you are on way to take dive in blogging.

Congratulation! You have successfully purchased your fast hosting.

Move into the next step to install WordPress.

4. Install and Set Up WordPress Blog

Setup a WordPress Blog how to start blogging from scratch

Set up and install is not difficult but it’s very easiest.

Simply follow the below steps and make your complete WordPress blog.

1. First, login into SiteGround Account

siteground dashboard

2. Select Your Domain Name

3. Hit the Install & Manage Option From WordPress Menu

4. Fill the All Details

5. Go To WordPress Admin Panel And Login


You can go to your admin panel from URL


Congratulations! Now your blog is live and ready to utilize.

5. Pick Attention-Grabbing Theme For Your Blog

Set up WordPress and done the installation, pick up the theme is crucial for your blog.

It grabs your readers attention to better design.

Good Theme means Good amount of Traffic and feels good to read.

Many people are trying to use free themes and sometime later their website does not get better rank. So, I recommend using paid themes and secure from a hacker.

If you want to build blogging as a business, so invest in themes and plugins.

If still, you want to install free theme then use at your own risk

Now, some things keep in mind while selecting a theme

  • Unlimited sites license
  • Easy to customize
  • SEO friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Better support
  • Responsible for mobile
  • Compatible with the latest WordPress version

I personally use GeneratePress Premium for YourDigibuddy.

  • Lightweight
  • Fast load
  • Good Design
  • Easy to customize
  • Better support

Yes, support is the main thing, so pick that theme which give better support like GeneratePress and ThemeShop

Some paid theme is better for blogging:

  1. Astra Pro
  2. OceanWP Pro
  3. NewsPaper
  4. Focus Theme by Thrive
  5. Schema Theme
  6. GeneratePress

After that, now is the time to install the theme on your WordPress blog.

1. First of all, click on the appearance from and go to add a new theme

Pickup the theme

2. Click on the upload theme or search theme

The main task is to customize it accordantly your need so,

Customize Header, Footer, Sidebar, font, Typography, Menu, Homepage, Etc.
After Customize,

time to Secure and boost Page speed of our blog which are a major factor of a good ranking in google.
Now turn to install essential plugins.

6. Some Essential Plugins for WordPress

Essential Plugins for WordPress​

In WordPress

Plugin is necessary for WordPress. It seems WordPress blog is nothing without plugins. Plugin is better for SEO point of view.

There are lots of plugins in the WordPress market. But, some plugins are helpful for use and bloggers.

I recommend some plugins which I use and also recommended by experts.

1. Elementor (Freemium)

Elementor is the best page builder for designing any page or post. Create your attractive page or landing page by just drag and drop.

My blog is also designed with Elemetor pro.

2. Rank Math SEO (Freemiun)

Again one of the best plugin for SEO and Ranking. Rank Math is a totally new plugin favorite of bloggers now.

Many people are used Yoest SEO, it’s quite good, but believe me Rank Math is better than that.

3. iTheme Security

We need to secure our blog from hackers, right!

iTheme is the best plugin for blog security & protect WordPress.

  • Far away bad users
  • Strong Password protection
  • Hide Login & Admin
  • Schedule malware scan
  • File comparison
  • WordPress security key

4. WP Rocket (Paid)

Speed is one of the essential part of blog. WP Rocket is help for boost the speed and rank your website.

Buy this plugin and optimize your website speed.

5. Social Snap Pro

Social Snap is good for social sharing. It directly share your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard and others.

6. UpdraftPlus

It’s necessary to backup all your data daily or weekly. UpdraftPlus is the best for backing up all your site data as per your schedule.

Highly recommend to use this plugin for backup data.

Note: Don’t use free plugins or cracked plugins. It seems you invite hackers to steal your data. I recommend using a paid plugin for an easy to use the website.

Install plugin by follow below steps:

  • Go to WordPress dashboard
  • Then Go To Plugins – Add New
  • Then upload zip file of your plugin and hit install now button
  • After that hit the activate plugin button.

Now, let’s write your first blog and publish it.

7. Make Your First Blog Post And Publish

write a first blog how to start blogging from scratch

After setting up all the necessary processes it’s time to turn your passion on paper.

Let me guide you on how to publish your first blog.

Go To Dashboard   →  Add New →  Write Post

Add new post

Congratulations! You make your first new blog post.

Tip: Before publishing your blog or writing up your blog do some keyword research and make an attractive title.

Always make an attractive title so people can catch it easily and you get massive traffic.

All the tips and methods I mentioned in this blog. It’s time for you, make your profitable blog and publish it regularly.

Blogging is a great career but it requires some patients and consistency. After that you will get massive success.

Hope, you get my thoughts


Congratulations! You did start your blogging journey.

Next, You need to find the best topics and publish a regular blog. Do SEO to rank your blog.

Choose the best affiliate network to make your blog profitable.

Follow some successful bloggers and subscribe to their newsletter for daily updates.

I hope you like this article and found some helpful information. If you like it subscribe to my newsletter for updates.

FAQs : It will helps you to How To Start Blogging From Scratch

How much does it cost to start a blog?

To start a blog it’s a small cost, but depends on which hosting you choose. Generally starting cost is 3 – 5$ per month from my point of view.

How to start blogging from scratch and get paid?

Hmm. There are lots of opportunities to get paid for blogs. Do affiliate marketing, write for company or industry, guest blogging, google AdSense and many more ways.

How to Start Blogging Business?

According to the above guide, you can write blogs for yourself and turn your passion into a profession.

How to get traffic on my blog?

Traffic is an essential part of blogging. You can get traffic from SEO. Also share your blogs on your social media platforms, email marketing, right keyword research. This will help you to get massive traffic.

Is Starting a blogging from now on worth it?

Yes! That’s why you are here. You want to start a blog and gain some knowledge that’s why you are here. If you want to take blogging as a business then it is still worth it.

Can I start a blog free?

Many people have this question. My answer is Yes! You can start a free blog from Blogger. But, I don’t recommend it. Because you want to make revenue from your blog then you need to invest first. Nothing comes without investment.

I recommend you to start blog with purchase hosting and don’t go with free things.

Written By Aditya Pathak

Written By Aditya Pathak

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