How to Hire and Manage Dedicated VoIP Developers For Your Next VoIP Project


How to Hire and Manage Dedicated VoIP Developers For Your Next VoIP Project


It is a sound business practice to outsource IT work to experts. Given the breadth of technologies and expertise required in various areas you simply cannot afford to maintain an in-house team of developers. 

Even in outsourcing, you have options. One is to simply outsource the entire VoIP development to specialists. 

You could hire an individual or engage a VoIP development Company to work on hourly basis and bill accordingly. 

You could hire dedicated VoIP developers. This could be a better option in terms of cost and results. 
Should you go this route then you will want to know how to hire VoIP developers, what to look for and then how to manage such dedicated VoIP developers for hire.

VoIP Developer Company or individual

There is a difference between a VoIP developer company and a VoIP developer available for hire. 

The former usually employs teams with individual members having expertise in various areas such as call centre software, IP PBX, WebRTC, IVR builder, fax over IP, session border controllers and soft switches, to name a few of the technologies based on VoIP. 

Then you will want developers to be conversant with Freeswitch, Asterisk, OpenSIPs and Kamailio as well as Linux on which these technologies work. 

Now take an individual VoIP developer for hire. A look at Upwork shows such developers posting their resume, highlighting their skills in specific areas.

Individuals simply cannot be proficient in all platforms, technologies and knowledge areas. 

You will just not be able to get what you want when you hire VoIP developer as an individual. This means you must look for a VoIP development company for hire.

How do you define dedicated?

In the normal sense “dedicated” would be akin to something like committed. However, in the IT world, it is interpreted a bit differently. 

For instance, you enter into an agreement with an IT vendor company and they agree to assign one or more specialists to exclusively work on your project. 

They may do this in-house in their premises or these dedicated developers may work in your premises and collaborate with your team. 

This is the basic understanding. However, this definition can be extended and interpreted in a different way when you engage in negotiations with the VoIP developer company for hire. 

A couple of techies may work dedicatedly for you but the VoIP development company’s entire resources and team expertise is available on call for completion of your project. 

While the designated individuals represent the face of the company and primarily responsible, they also have the backing of the company for your project.

Looking beyond VoIP technologies

VoIP does not work in isolation in business environments. 

Today, you want smart technologies. This means the VoIP project must have underpinnings of data such as being interfaced with CRM. When you get a session border controller developed, you will want billing, accounting and financial inputs. 

Artificial intelligence is a spice no VoIP dish can do without. As such, when you hire VoIP developers you need to look beyond individual expertise to the collective competence of the company. 

A VoIP development company that is active in AI, ML, databases and web technologies will be able to deliver much more refined, state of the art solutions.


The process is transparent and you can fix rates by the hour or on per project basis. 

However, there are areas of amorphousness such as side contributions from AI and database as well as programming personnel. 

Considering this, when you select VoIP developer for hire to work on dedicated basis you will want them to dedicate key personnel, and, importantly, also their other resources and areas of expertise. 

The rates may be higher but you get a much better product in the bargain. Of course, service and support must be prime considerations as well. 

You do not want to be left in the lurch once the baby is handed over to you. Insist on continuing support.

Managing dedicated developers for VoIP projects

It is usual practice to enter into service level agreements and define terms for managing dedicated VoIP developers for your VoIP projects. 

Managing becomes easy with: 

Open lines of communication at all times through various channels such as email, chat and phone.

  • Scheduled meetings, online or offline, and progress reports.
  • Timely release of payments provided achievement landmarks are reached. 
  • Ongoing discussions and testing so that you know the project is proceeding as planned. You can suggest rectification or changes at this stage, which will be easier to implement.
  • Words of encouragement and satisfaction to keep them feeling appreciated.

The best thing to do, if you want your VoIP project to be cost-effective and successful, is to hire expert VoIP development company with expertise in other areas too and let them dedicate specialists for the project according to need.

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