Google Search Engine Ranking Factors to Change Search In 2021


Google search ranking factor is one of the most effective ways to attract consumers on the online platform as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It is constantly changing and evolving.  Staying on the top with the latest updates can be a big challenge. But it is worth the efforts.

More than 70% of users focus majorly on organic results, and they ignore the paid listing. 30% of these search converts, and it results in a purchase. 

SEO is an absolute necessity for online businesses; no matter what field you operate in, the competition has become fiercer.

For instance, if you search for a product on a search engine, several websites will appear on your SERPs.

Users hardly view the second or third pages; even on the first page, only the first few options are viewed, and the rest of the results fail to grab the attention of the public.

If you fail to take appropriate steps to optimize your website, it will not get appropriate visits, and your product will not be able to attract leads and sales by organic traffic.

If you are not familiar with the latest trends of Search Engine Optimization or google search ranking factor, then it will be quite impossible to stay up to date in such a competitive environment.

The parameters through which search results are categorized are frequently changing. Constant changes in algorithms have a significant impact on your website ranking in the SERPs. 

Here we will throw some light on the most essential Search Engine optimization trends which one can implement to make their website rank good in 2021.

You don’t need to wait till 2021 to implement those changes, as some of those trends are rolled out by Google.

You need to optimize your content, pages and see whether or not your website comes in the top results or not. 

Some of the most important and best trends are discussed below – 

Key web signals


Key web signals or core web vitals are the new ranking factors in 2021. Google has announced one of the big changes which will come in the search algorithm.

A new ranking factor will be introduced from 2021, these are one of the most important and essential web signals which aim to measure and check the health of your website, and it also focuses on the users’ experience, which is also known as page experience. 

In Google Algorithms, this is one of the biggest changes for 2021. Moreover, this new ranking factor will have a powerful impact on the positioning and ranking of a website on Google.

Hence this means that these wills double your efforts. You can perform a full audit of your website and also adapt the announced changes so that your website will be ready to work in 2021.

User experience improvement aim


Google continuously strives to offer the best possible experience for its users. It also controls the user experience and designs of its search engine.

Moreover, Google tends to have less control once the user clicks on the website listed on the search results. This is one of the main reasons why Google focuses on ranking signals, which gives the websites a better user experience.

To provide owners to achieve the “best web” goal, Google has also introduced a new way to evaluate the experience of the page in the form of important web signals.

To push the website owners to offer a better user experience, Google has announced that there will be a ranking signal.

Google has identified four major web signals –

  • LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) – this signal measures the loading speed measured when the main content is loaded. 
  • FID (First Input Delay) – this signal understands how the user feels when they interact with the website, and it will also measure the responsive element of your website. Moreover, this signal will majorly measure the usefulness and speed of the website when it is loaded. 
  • CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) – this signals majorly measures the visual stability of your website. It will also measure the unexpected changes of layout on the content which is there on the pages. This element will examine how often the position of the website will change while it is loading. 

Voice search element


Technology development and advancement have brought up many changes in all areas, including how people use search engines. Today, many people tend to use the voice search option.

Voice search refers to the way of searching for something by pronouncing words instead of typing them. Therefore the research is carried out in such a way that people speak.

The majority of people search for something in the form of question or headlights (long haul keywords)

According to research, in 2017, more than 30 million voice searches were conducted. Moreover, analysis and research have shown that the mobile device launches more than 20% of queries.

Most of this voice search is specific and based on certain geographic areas.

Influence marketing


Marketers show a consistent tendency so that they can take advantage of Influence marketing. Researchers have shown that 20% of companies allocate their budget for marketing to influencers.

Hence the importance of influence marketing is very easy to understand. This trend is majorly evident for brands that deal with fashion, beauty, travel, e-commerce, and lifestyle. 

Users worldwide are disturbed by the variety of ads from all the channels, but the user wants authentic information from reliable sources.

Reputable influencers are majorly considered reliable and credible. Moreover, there are several other direct benefits of partnering with the SEO influencers.

These influencers can help you increase your website’s visibility, enhance its presence, and help you generate more traffic.

The backlinks you receive from the influencers’ websites can improve your SEO efforts and show their authority over Google.

Good planning is essential to ensure the maximum return on your investment. Partnering with the influencers of your domain, and you can also publish content for maximum returns. 

This indirect trend will increase in 2021.

Creative video content


Video content is one of the most important parts of SEO strategy and in digital marketing efforts.

Several great advantages are attached to video content. Videos majorly appear on the first page except for those links which contain the raw text.

According to researchers, the probability of videos appearing on the first page is 50% higher than that of text on the web page. More than 60% of searches consist of videos.

You can also see a big positive impact of video content for your Seo strategies. Google has seen these videos as a sign of quality content. 


Improving your website can help you to drive revenue growth. And to achieve this significant revenue growth, one needs to update 2021 SEO trends at the doorstep.

Moreover, it is not one time job, Google algorithms continue to change frequently, and the SEO industry is constantly evolving. New ones are replacing the old practices.

It is highly important that users like to spend time on your website, therefore make the information available for them. 

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