5 Way To Get Quality Backlinks In 2020


by Yourdigibuddy



In this article, you are going to learn how to get quality backlinks in a proven way. 

In this era, many people ask google how to get quality backlinks? 

Let us understand what is quality backlinks. A quality backlink is link came from a high domain authority website which is trusted by a search engine. Also trusted by people.

In this 5 strategy, definitely you got high authority backlinks for your website and rank easily in search engine.

1. Build Backlinks From Outedated Resource

There are many ways to get quality backlinks from resource links as mentioned in above image.

Simply follow this steps to get links:

1. You need to find sites related to your niche which have:

  • Broken links
  • Stop doing offers/services
  • Name change
  • Transform new URL
  • Expired Domain (In some cases)

2. Find those site who still linking old or outdated URLs

In this step pay more attention. You need to find URLs which is still linking to above condition or outdated URLs.

Best way to found this, you can use backlinks checking tools like Ahref, Moz or SEMrush.

Analysis related domain.


Find the best authority or high authority site where you can get link opportunity. Either you focus on Domain Authority or site backlink profile.

3. Good Approach And Got Quality Links

This step is good rather than above all steps. Because good approach means good links.


I make some approach and get links for my site.

If you have good content or source related to their industry than head up. Give gentle suggestion and they add link to their site. If possible give link in option for selection.

2. Link Intersect

One of the quickest and best way to get quality links from Link Intersect. You can use link intersect method for analysis your competitor backlink source and get the opportunity to build links.

If your website link more that one of your competitor site, it’s good for you to insert your link. Just you need to clarify that why they should insert your link.

You can use tools like Moz Link Intersect, Ahrefs or SEMrush. I personally use Moz Link Intersect tool which suitable for me.


You need to add your domain and after that add your competitors domains as you want to add 1,2,3,…..


Find where your competitor build backlink and get opportunity to build yours.

3. Use the Skyscraper Technique

The Skyscraper technique is very well and proven technique to improve your link profile.

First you need to introduce SEO community like backlinko, and than publish your own Skyscraper.

Steps to get quality links from skyscraper:

  1. Research and uncover opportunities
  2. Make a list of quality partners
  3. better content creation
  4. Find the right partner
  5. Promot in social media as well
  6. Keep consistent

4. Broken Link Building

One more powerful technique is build broken links. Broken link building is good for contribute your right content to right source.

Step to find and put links:

Find your niche related articles or source through link checker chrome extension or dead link checker.


Find 404 links from relevant site.

If you have related content or information where already provide broken link, than approach webmasters.

I approach so my sites and build backlinks from dead links.

5. Infographics Creation for Quality Links

Give valuable information through infographics is add more value to build strong trust.

Sounds good!

If you found good and valuable information in any site than tell him to build infographics for them.

Infographics is easy way to understand what you want to tell people.

Steps to find related site to your keywords:

1. Find right site

Use tools like Ubersuggest, Ahrefs to find content ideas.

2. Make a content report

After this, make content report or site list. There many site share lot’s of social share and mentioned some good articles.

Get their data and make notes.

3. Make Infographics

Infographics making is not a big deal. I use Canva and Infogram to make beautiful and attractive infographics.

Make 5 or more bullet points in infographics. All data and points which connect which each other like flow.

Make sure add original source for data.

4. Right Approach

Go to your data reports and tell webmasters to put your awesome infographics on their site.


This all method is very helpful build quality backlinks for your site. Also get more traffic. Use this method in right than surely you get quality site.

Written By Yourdigibuddy

Written By Yourdigibuddy

A blogger by passion. Passionate about Digital Marketing and SEO. Spread knowledge to people. Founder of Yourdigibuddy

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