Future Mobile Commerce Trends


“Mobile Commerce is Big things in Future.”

I mind it, you think about what is Mobile Commerce and how it been the next big thing. Stop thinking much, I will explain all about related Mobile Commerce. 

What is Mobile Commerce?

Mobile Commerce is what you Browsing, Shopping, Selling, or Purchasing Products through mobile devices such as cellphones or tablets. In other words, Mobile Commerce is all you do the activity on the web through your Mobile or Tablet.

Mobile commerce is growing day by day. Everything is you should do on your mobile such as shopping, browsing, business as well with the help of the web. The is flourishing at such a level; that it is nearly impossible for someone outside in the market without giving a through to the future of mobile commerce.

Types of Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce is not just buying or browsing – it include all things that you can decide and make it on your mobile.

·         Searching for products online through mobile

·         Purchasing app-economy Service online

·         Reading any product review online through mobile before purchasing

·         Purchase  any rental digital content on mobile

·         Make payments Online through mobile

·         Mobile banking

·         View products on Brand site on mobile

·         Mobile person-to-person payments

Statistics of Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce is growing with air, and it is not giving any sign to slow down. So here are some statistics of mobile commerce to know about its trends.

·    49% of consumers shop via smartphone

·     Mobile Digital advertising  spend nearly double than desktop advertising

·     According to Pixel union ,On black Friday 2018, 66% shopping done by mobile

·     According to research by shopify, 64% sales on the mobile in 2017

·     The total mCommerce transactions done by end of 2019 are $2.3 trillion

·     1 Billion mobile users used coupons for shopping in 2019

·     10.21% of smartphone users add items to their cart via mobile in comparison to 11.63% of them still relying on desktop applications.

Why mCommerce proven benefits for Business?

  • Around 42.63% of peoples in the world use smartphones and continue on social media and other things. That’s why Businesses that have or planning to enter in mobile commerce world it has benefits to interacting with a wider range of people and more potential sales.
  • Mobile Commerce apps are designs to enable users to place an order to added in cart with single tape. It is more simple than the website and for buffering on the website. The mobile commerce apps prevent the customer from abandoning their cart, which eventually blurs the line between a sales leads a losing one.
  • mCommerce apps give users more benefits to reach the store to buy somethings. They are loads of content faster than websites. This is reused users effort and saves time.
  • ·mCommerce is provide multiple payment method like wallets, net banking and other   payment method. This give user a break from reentering all details , thus users make   successfully payments.
  •  The marketing of the brand is also one of the benefits of mobile commerce apps. This platform makes a long-term business relationship between retailer and brand merchandise.

10 trends already shaping the future of mobile commerce

1.  Smart Personalisation

Smartphone users favor brand that deliver personalized experience, personalized has remains one of the mobile commerce trends in previous and beyond. In 2020, this trand will grow like air and upgrade. The app marketing will more increase and smart personalization become the new face.

2. Amazing Experience

In market, compitition is rising day by day, 60% of businesses are use different channels for interacting and share customer experience. While this help them to creating a greater transparency. Because of this, the idea of creating Amazing retail experience will  win out in next years.

3. Automated Customer Support

End of 2020, most customer interaction will be without humans. Businesses will invest heavily and integrate these with AI-powered tools into the customer support process.

4. Optimized page Load Speed

Nowadays, websites take more load to open so users have left from there, Because of this, focusing on improving page speed will also be one of the main mobile commerce benefits in the future.

5. Social Media Presence

At this time and future social media is more powerful tools for everything. So all businesses and brands have higher engagement and more reach masses. Promot their products or services much more.

6. Augmented Reality

It also continues to change the way we shop online and in-store. The technology will benefit e-retailers and brand merchandise to promote their products or services in more ways to direct users and user’s direct visits in-store.

7. Automated Vehicles

Automated Vehicles are still new things for people,  they also provide high potential in future mobile commerce. This technology is delivered and receives any product in the least time and safe way(not damaged product).

8. Crypto payments

Crypto payments will grow in payments continue than other payment options. Brands will show more interest in introducing Blockchain wallet into their traditional process. It is a faster transaction, lower transaction costs, and more secure.

9. Voice search 

With the help of digital assistance such as Google Assistant, Amazon, Alexa, and Siri, voice search will also on top trends for the future.

10. Marketing

Many people are hustling about the brick-and-mortar store in the coming years, it will survive with Proximity marketing.

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