Colocation Hosting India: One of the Biggest Markets

India: one of the biggest market of colocation hosting

India: one of the biggest market of colocation hosting

India: one of the biggest market of colocation hosting

India has been known to be the biggest pool of outsourcing services but lately, there are some other emerging fields as well where it has started to shine.  Colocation hosting has almost touched a $2 Billion industry club in India lately. Already the data center market was rising and shining for so long but colocation hosting has taken over almost the whole hosting market.

The on-premise IT model is going into vain and the colocation hosting platform is taking over it very beautifully. But first, let us get acquainted with the definition of colocation hosting.

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Colocation hosting is the kind of hosting service in which companies and applications rent a physical space. This rented space uses the facilities of a third-party service provider which is mostly in the form of a data center. In these third-party data centers, companies place their servers. This means, one only hires an external space in their data center. By renting a space, we mean some other resources are also counted in this service. These services are space, power, cooling capacities, and physical security. So basically colocation hosting takes care of the networking equipment and other connectivity issues.

The beauty of colocation hosting lies in its powerful partner and till the time your application is under full control.

Your colocation hosting provider plays a major role as they are the ones who are going to full fill all your expectations. There are so many colocations hosting India providers who fulfill all the basic as well advanced expectations. They make sure to meet these facilities first-

  • Cabinets and cages covering all your server racks.
  • Power and fiber optic cables to deliver optimum connectivity.
  • World-class sensitive fire protection system comprising of passive and active elements.
  • Unparalleled advanced cooling systems along with balanced air conditioning to control humidity.
  • All electrical grounds free off impedance or maintaining it as low as possible
  • Keeping the windows very minimum
  • Security empowered with motion detectors, fingerprint scanning, biometrics, etc.

The benefits of colocation hosting or exciting services provided by the colocation hosting India providers are not the only reason behind the rising popularity of colocation hosting. Renting space externally saves a lot of energy as well as space that is not put into consideration in most of the corporate data centers. No regulation is put on the taxes wasted on energy and its saving is also not encouraged. All of this pushes colocation hosting even more forward.

colocation hosting India

Here is a detailed difference between on premise and colocation data center service-

Higher-startup costs as you need to purchase a server of your ownCosting done on monthly lease basis and thus more managed and controlled
Complete ownership of the serverPartial ownership of the server
One has more control on his or her serverLess control over their server
Complete responsibility of the server lies on youJust the responsibility of its installation, all the resources are taken care of by your colocation hosting provider
Needs more technical expertise than colocation hostingA little bit of technical expertise would be enough
Less flexible and reliable than a colocation hostMore reliable and flexible than an on premise data center

Not only this, why put so much stress on your in-house employees to meet that level of criticality. When there exists a third-party with an appropriate set of conditions and facilities then there are no second thoughts. Colocation hosting solutions promise to have a constant supply of resources and other necessary elements like generators, backup, batteries, etc. that sometimes becomes so difficult to manage on your own.

Thus when you rent a space within a popular colocation hosting provider’s data center, it is not just space but the infrastructure also that will constantly intimidate you. Thus, such an infrastructure should be maintained properly and should render a constant supply of energy. This brings the fact that one should dually check their colocation hosting provider before signing up for it. Some pointers must be checked before jumping into any conclusions-

  • Properly investigate the colocation hosting provider’s reputation in the market
  • Always look out for as many reviews you can get for their services from their past consumers
  • Do not hesitate to consult an expert who can suggest to you that whether your website or application will be suitable for hosting within a colocation hosting environment.
  • Go through their security policies and scalability possibilities twice or even thrice.

We have put out maximum facts related to colocation hosting but there is so much more to it. Also, there are so many frameworks of colocation hosting available in the market to satisfy all kinds of business models. Hence, irrespective of the size of your enterprise colocation hosting can be a favorable option for you.

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