About Me

About Me

Hey Visitor,

Let me introduce my self,

My self Vivek Kargathiya, By qualification engineer. In this digital world, I jumped into Digital Marketing and Be a Blogger, SEO (learner & Expert)  as well as Affiliate Marketer.

I love to take dive into the Blogging and SEO world. Also, share my proven knowledge with others.

I’m from Gujarat (India) where many business ideas and businessmen born.

Currently, I running YourDigibuddy and earn a decent amount of money which from many hard works.

Let me introduce about YourDigibuddy

I started my website YourDigibuddy in 2019 and start my first blog. On the first day of my website design, I was so confused about my niche ‘which is better?’ ‘which is profitable?’ 

After much research and watched many videos I decided to expand my knowledge and tips share with others.

I started Blogging and SEO guide. I always want to help people to start blogging and grow it. 

YourDigibuddy will help you to grow your website with proven SEO tips. 

Note: I don’t share any quick result method or scheme. 

In my opinion, since 2018 blogging is growing very fast and in the future, there will huge trend. So, people need proven information and guide.

That’s why YourDigibudy guides you to grow digitally.

I thought you like this.

As I told you I’m a Mechanical engineer and I got my degree in 2019.

After all, I have not interested in mechanical but some of the wrong advice I choose that field. But, in 2018 I realized that move into the digital world and start taking knowledge of every single piece of content.

Finally, I started my website YourDigibuddy in 2020. But, still confused about the niche. 

After one month I decided to start a blog on Blogging and SEO as well as affiliate marketing. 

I continue to gain knowledge from experts and apply it.

I write my first blog on How To Start Blogging on my experience.

But, it was not growing. I do research and apply it. After three months my blog appeared in google search. 

I was excited and motivated to write next and next blogs. 

After all, continue writing blogs and grow with SEO proven method.

That’s it. 

This is a sort and sweet story. Hope you like it.

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